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From The Founder & CEO.

My name is Tipu, I've been actively trading since 2010. 

I have successfully traded Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Forex and E-mini Futures.

With a vast experience implementing different risk management strategies, I have created a highly effective scalping approach with a Razor Sharp Edge.

At AM PROFIT we filter through the fluff and teach you how to trade futures achieving anywhere from 70% to

100% win rate trading most days. See my results!

You can now get your hands on institutional level trading education that you won't find anywhere else.


Trade for as little as 1 to 2 hours a day and achieve your daily and weekly profit targets with consistency you've never experienced before.



Profitable Day Traders.

Trading Futures is easier compared to spot Forex and Stocks. Hone your skills by focusing on just one market and master it. With low fees and small start up costs,

you can make money on 1 tick spread trading futures.

Trade London (Europe), the Pre-Market or the New York session. No more spending hours waiting for the right trade setup. With what you'll learn, you can trade at any time and achieve your target within 1 to 2 hours a day.

Now, you can get funded with prop firms for $100 or less and get thousands of dollars in payouts!


Trade like a professional using depth of market (DOM), this is something that we teach YOU in the course.

Let us show you how to achieve consistency as a scalper and build your trading confidence in just 7 DAYS


Essential To Your Success.

How to finally make money scalping like a pro!

Trading platform setup (Instructional Video).

Understanding market phases, price action dynamics.

Trading psychology, breaking bad habits.

Gauging market direction using multiple timeframes.

Learn my A+ setups for 90% win rate.

How to use DOM for tick scalping like a professional.

How to scale in and out of positions.

Using market depth for entries, stops and targets.

Volume profile and advanced scalping techniques.

Trading the London, Pre-Market & New York session.

Defining lot size and risk management parameters.

Trading with a plan and implementing discipline.

Choosing a prop firm challenge that is right for you.

Achieving consistency and building self-confidence.

Trading in the zone with the rule of three.

Trading in low and high volatile market environment.

Institutional stop loss hunting (Live Recorded Videos).

In-depth analysis and complete breakdown of trades.



Progress From Day 1. 🏁

Trading is a serious business with potential for huge capital growth but reserved only for those who are absolutely serious about getting the right education.

Great education will help you install new trading skills and fix your mindset in order to achieve desired results.

If your goal is to get funded with a prop firm, if you'd like to use your own capital, this program is designed to help you feel confident trading with real money.

Watch yourself progress from DAY 1 as you learn "Pro Scalping Techniques" designed by Tipu. Sprint with this fast track trading course with just 3 days of studying.

Finally, a program designed by the Founder & CEO with over a decade of semi-professional trading experience.


Learn from someone who understands the game inside out, gain new knowledge and use the tools as a retail trader that the pros don't like to share.


Follow The Process.

Knowledge helps you minimise risk, this course will help you cut down your learning curve by 5 to 10 years!

Go through the MEMBERS AREA and watch Tipu's live recorded trade breakdowns as many times until you have mastered his core scalping techniques.

Follow the process, learn simple risk management techniques to achieve a professional trader's edge.

Install new skills and ultimately achieve consistency as a scalper that very few experience in over a lifetime.

Learn risk management before profits, trading with precision and accuracy like you've never seen before!

With just 12 hours of learning and 5 days of practice, you can have your first funded account in just 7 DAYS



Get Rid Of Distractions.

If you want to be successful at trading, you must be willing to take calculated risks.

You've chosen a career path that pays a lot of money, a fast track to financial freedom but it comes at a cost.

Without a good trading mentor, your chances of making it in this business are slim to none. That's a Fact.

So, if you find a trader who is skilled, someone willing to share knowledge and tools without holding anything back from you, learn their edge at whatever cost..


ART OF SCALPING is about trading with accuracy and precision, you can only achieve this by learning from someone who knows exactly how to perform this task.

In this course, you'll learn how to fine tune your entries and exits with a retail friendly hybrid trading approach.

ART OF SCALPING is designed to give you a head start, a real chance, a pathway to a lucrative trading career.

Make the best of this opportunity starting TODAY

Tipu is a CERTIFIEDfigure funded trader with 15 years of trading experience. His results speak volumes.


Great Trading Education.

What this course contains can take you light years ahead on your learning curve.

It has taken Tipu over a decade to learn this by enduring years of financial loss and pain, you can get your hands on this knowledge TODAY


This course will help you achieve new realm of success that many aspiring traders never get to experience.

ART OF SCALPING will change the way you think and act starting today..



E-Mini S&P 500.

Here's an example.

Average trade time: 4 minutes 33 seconds.

Longest trade time: 14 minutes.

While price was sideways for 30 minutes, Tipu managed to get in and out of trades using depth of market selling highs and buying lows of each 1 minute bar.

See his actual trade entries/exits on chart to your left.

These trading strategies have been reserved by banks and institutional traders for long enough. Most retail traders do not have a clue how to trade this way.

You can learn this today by going through the juicy content found in the MEMBERS AREA

You'll learn how to trade when markets are slow and catch large intra-day moves when markets are trending.

Tipu's core trade setups can help you pull 70% to 100% accuracy in your trading. Seeing is believing.

Once you understand how professionals do business, you can start pulling profits day after day.

Fact is, to make money in the markets you need an edge and there is no better edge than scalping.

Learn today how you can scalp for an ASTOUNDING accuracy with the ART OF SCALPING approach.


Take Your First Step To Success.

Are you frustrated?

Have you had enough of blowing up accounts?

I have dedicated the last 15 years to financial markets and designed this course with the most up to date material for 2024 that you won't find anywhere else.

With my hybrid trading methods, you'll see a smooth transition from retail to semi-professional trading.

This is your chance to get training from a CERTIFIED 6 figure funded trader with a PROVEN track record.


Start today.


Get Started Today!




One Payment £1497


Best Trading Education For 2024

We are so confident in what you're going to learn that we are willing to offer you a Money Back Guarantee!



After purchasing the program, if you are not satisfied with the trading education half way through the course,

please contact us and we will issue you a full refund. 


Saying that, we know for a fact that this is the only trading program that will actually teach you how to make money scalping Futures markets from home.

*Course contains Institutional level trading education in an easy to learn format. No fluff here, we get right to it.

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