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Learn To Fish! 🐟🐟🐟

Grind Daily.

The term Grinding is referred to as breaking something down into smaller pieces. In financial terms, scalping is described as capturing small profits by taking small risk.

Why do I prefer scalping over a standard day trading style?

I like to get paid for my efforts without letting greed take over my mind. For me, holding a trade for a 1:3 or higher risk to reward ratio is nothing more than wishful thinking. Market does not care about your risk reward ratios, it simple moves from one anchor to another.

Your job as a trader is to find low risk entry points and take your profits when market hands it to you, it's a rinse and repeat process that carries on for as long you desire. I like to trade every morning for 60 minutes to 2 hours each day.

As a Scalper, I don't have to think where the market will be by the end of the day, by next week or next month. I simply go in the market for a swim, catch fish and go home.

Scalping saved my trading career, it absolutely works and anyone can learn how to do this.

$551 profit day for me with 60% win rate:- See More Results Here



One Payment of £1497

What You'll Learn

Essential To Your Success.

How to finally make money scalping.

Trading platform setup (Instructional Video).

Understanding market phases, price action dynamics.

Trading psychology, breaking bad habits.

Gauging market direction using multiple timeframes.

Learn my A+ setup for 90% win rate.

How to use DOM for tick scalping like a professional.

How to scale in and out of positions.

Using market depth for entries, stops and targets.

Volume profile and advanced scalping techniques.

Trading the Europe, Pre-Market & New York session.

Defining lot size and risk management parameters.

Trading with a plan and implementing discipline.

Choosing a prop firm challenge that is right for you.

Achieving consistency to build self-confidence.

Trading in the zone with the rule of three.

Trading in low and high volatile market environment.

Institutional stop loss hunting (Live Recorded Video).

Detailed live trading videos with in-depth analysis.


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One Payment of £1497

Money Back Guarantee

Best Trading Education For 2024

We are so confident in what you're going to learn that we are willing to offer you a Money Back Guarantee!


After purchasing the program, if you are not satisfied with the trading education half way through the course,

please contact us and we will issue you a full refund. 


Saying that, we know for a fact that this is the only trading program that will actually teach you how to make money scalping Futures markets from home.

*Course contains Institutional level trading education in an easy to learn format. No fluff here, we get right to it.

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