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Essential To Your Success.

How to finally make money scalping like a pro!

Trading platform setup (Instructional Video).

Understanding market phases, price action dynamics.

Trading psychology, breaking bad habits.

Gauging market direction using multiple timeframes.

Learn my A+ setup for 90% win rate.

How to use DOM for tick scalping like a professional.

How to scale in and out of positions.

Using market depth for entries, stops and targets.

Volume profile and advanced scalping techniques.

Trading the Europe, Pre-market and New York session.

Defining lot size and risk management parameters.

Trading with a plan and implementing discipline.

Choosing the prop firm challenge that is right for you.

Achieving consistency to build self-confidence.

Trading in the zone with the rule of three.

Trading in low and high volatile market environment.

Institutional stop loss hunting (Live Recorded Video).

Detailed live trading videos with in-depth analysis.

Stop Running!

Scalping Works


Happy Friday


Gold Winner

Trading Gold

Precision Scalping

Last Session

Trading For Profits

Scalping Eur/Usd

Making Money

Big Profit Friday!

Trading Sideways

$1000 In 16 Mins

Zero Losing Trades

Text Book Entry

New York Scalping

Recovering Losses


Losing Day

Scalping vs. Swing

$500 An Hour

No Losing Days

Low Win Rate

Scalping Profits

Art Of Scalping

$2,000 Profit

Live Trading NY

Live Trading NFP

Trading In April

How To Scalp ES

NQ vs. ES

Losing Day

Positive Results

Breaking Even

Happy Easter

Live Trading Session

German DAX Trading

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